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JULY 2, 2011

When a cold spot i.e., a sudden decrease in temperature, occurs it is sometimes considered evidence that a ghost or spirit is present. Cold spots just like their name happen in one specific area of the room—this area drops in temperature very quickly. Sometimes an entire room will turn cold but this is not as common. Some cold spots are felt in the same place while others seem to appear and disappear at different locations.

It is believed cold spots occur because ghosts draw upon energy to manifest so this drops the temperature. Everything that enters an environment, even ghosts, change it in some way. When we move, breath etc. we stir up the air around us, our collective body temperatures raise the temperature. One theory is that ghosts drop the temperature in the room because they are cold.

The most common theory for why cold spots occur is when a ghost is in an area they use the heat in order to manifest, just like they use or drain batteries to manifest. A good comparative example for this--when a ghost is present it is similar to when someone sprays an aerosol can the temperature drops in the can because the energy is focused upon the spray.

Ghost investigators use thermometers to monitor the temperature throughout an investigation. One kind of thermometer investigators use is one that has a probe that measures ambient air temperature. This kind of thermometer measures the temperature directly around the investigator as well as giving a comparison temperature of the entire room or area. It is a good idea to take the ambient temperature from several angles in order to verify there is actually a cold spot.

Note: some investigators use an infrared thermometer--these measure surface temperature so it is believed they also measure air temperature--thus they can locate cold spots.

Some investigators do not consider cold spots as an indication of paranormal activity; the reason given is they can be explained by natural temperature variances. I do not buy into this. I and other investigators I have worked with all have experienced cold spots in areas where there has been other proof of paranormal activity. These cold spots were not just slight temperature drops. You can compare this experience to walking from a warm summer day into a walk in freezer. There is also a theory that some people are more sensitive to this phenomenon than others. I have found most true cold spots everyone can feel.


As the digital revolution continues to spread to the various areas of the technology world, so does it continue to improve the types and varieties of equipment the paranormal investigator utilizes. DVR, or digital video recording, systems is one type of technology that has emerged through this revolution.
The technology that powers the DVR system is not a new one, it is only the medium that has been redesigned. The systems are operated by the same type of software and technology that has powered closed-circuit systems employed by businesses and personal families for the last thirty years. The only difference between these classic systems and the DVR is one thing: portability. The mobile DVR system is just that, mobile. It allows the owner/operator to transport the entire system, set it up in-field, record the footage needed, then pack the system up and store it for later review. These highly useful portable systems come with a variety of features that help the paranormal investigator and can be purchased with many as twelve to sixteen cameras. Many of them are able to film in little or no light, utilizing infra-red technology to enable filming in total darkness. They have built in hard drives capable of storing up to a terabyte of hard drive space on a single unit. Higher grade models can feature alarm and motion activated filming, which film only when movement is detected; HD filming; and even real time live playback over a secure internet website.
There are two reasons paranormal investigators use DVR systems. First and foremost, they provide a way for the investigators to have a continuous recording of areas within the location they are investigating. By having a system with four, five, six or more cameras, a record of the events in the areas covered by the cameras can be made while the investigators are in other areas of the house. After the investigation, the investigators can review the footage and have a complete record of the events for the entire duration of the investigation.
The second reason is related to the first and is used to debunk or disprove events alleged be paranormal. By maintaining a visual record of the locations of all the investigators in a location during a case, it is easy to rule out human contamination of the area. There have been many cases where DVR cameras have caught evidence that debunks the paranormal activity that would have been overlooked had there not been a camera in the room to capture it on film. Also, the DVR system allows for tracking of the investigators movements at a given location. By knowing the location of every investigator at all times, it prevents mis-identification of recorded phenomena.

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