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Fred: Fred has been involved in paranormal investigations for several years, assisting his wife Kristen. He has participated in several investigations, helped with the evaluation of photographs and EVPs, and is familiar with most of the equipment such as K2 meters and audio recorders. Fred is definitely a skeptic, and always tries to find a logical explanation for everything. Sometimes there is no logical explanation. Fred has many years experience in electronics and computers and is always ready to learn new things to assist the team. He has never had a paranormal experience, but there's a first time for everything!

Kathren: I currently work as an Accounting Assistant.
I am new to Paranormal Investigations but have always had an interest in the life beyond. I have never seen or heard a spirit but can feel their presence, and have seen 2 shadow people.
There was one experience a few years ago when a young woman was reported missing and never returned home from work. A search was being conducted to find her by local authorities.
A friend and myself went to take a meal to the family as they were getting a search party together, upon leaving the residence I hugged the woman's elderly family member and felt the woman's spirit attached to her, at that point I knew she was no longer with us, she was found a couple of days later.
I have a respect for those that have passed and believe that some are still earthbound for some reason or another.

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