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KRIS: Kris is a former Deputy Sheriff and retired Senior Court Officer. She uses her investigative expertise and acquired skills in analyzing evidence collected during paranormal investigations. Kris has been interested in the paranormal ever since the age of ten when she had her first paranormal experience. Years later, as a teen, she witnessed two full bodied apparitions in the turn of the century (1900) home where she lived. Since then she has been extremely devoted to the paranormal by reading material related to the subject, experimenting, participating in investigations with family, friends and other paranormal groups.

Kris attained a degree in History so orginally her love of history took her to begin investigating numerous historical cemeteries and sites over the years. Eventually, Kris began investigating private residences and businesses. This gave her the opportunity to read and research the properties these structures were built on. Most times, she was able to use this information and the historical facts during the investigation. She also had several opportunities to visit various castles in Germany and France. Kris has captured several apparitions on film as well as many EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), both intelligent and residual. The amount of evidence she was able to secure leaves no doubt that there are realms we do not fully understand but are seeking to. If matter cannot be created nor destroyed there must exist another dimension. Kris believes life would no longer be relevant if there wasn’t a hereafter. We all have to be open minded when investigating and discussing claims of paranormal events….however, only the evidence we seek proves its existence.


DEBB: I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in the paranormal. I grew up in an old haunted house and neighborhood in the downtown Raleigh area but it wasn’t a negative experience. I think I was an aspiring paranormal investigator even as a child because I was always searching for ghosts and looking for haunted houses and areas. As I grew older, I kept looking for answers to the unknown “other world”. I read everything I could on the subject, watched shows, movies and documentaries, went to lectures, and eventually I started doing mini investigations long before it was mainstream and before I joined a paranormal investigation team. It became a passion of mine, and still is. I had the chance to investigate in England and it made me even more intense in my searches. I continue to research and investigate, hoping always to build a bridge between our world and the paranormal world. I am passionate about what I do. I have been blessed to work with some wonderful investigators and teams. I am always learning, and always seeking.

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