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STEVE: Steve became interested in ghosts in 6th grade, when Hans Holzer published a photo of three ghostly monks in Winchester Cathedral in London. The photo sparked a life-long interest. Steve has captured photographic anomalies, Class-A EVP's, and has experienced many premonitions thru dreams--a trait he shared with his grandmother & aunt.

A few of his paranormal encounters include:
1.) a full-bodied apparition at The Maco Light back in the mid-1970's
2.) auditory phenomena on the pre-dawn, deserted streets of Tombstone, Arizona
3.) a powerful & unexplainable episode near Gettysburg, PA
4.) an interesting episode in an upstairs bedroom at The Harper House, at Bentonville Battlefield.
(His great-great uncle was a Confederate Soldier who was mortally wounded and died at Bentonville, nine days after the battle ended while in the care of John & Amy Harper.)

Steve is an avid paranormal investigator who tries to debunk evidence in order to validate it. He earned a General Class Amateur Radio License from the FCC, which demonstrates an understanding of EMF (electromagnetic fields) that are encountered in paranormal investigation.

Steve has a knack for catching Class-A EVP while in (quiet) moving vehicles; both in Arizona and in North Carolina. He resides in a 160-yr-old pre-Civil War mansion and has investigated a variety of active spots across the nation; catching evidence at:
1.) Astoria, Oregon (Battery Russell at Ft. Stevens)
2.) Tombstone, Arizona
3.) Jerome, Arizona (The Grand Hotel)
4.) Bisbee, Arizona (The Copper Queen Hotel
5.) Radford, VA (full-bodied apparition at St. Albans)
6.) U.S.S. North Carolina
7.) Scotland, Maryland (Point Lookout Lighthouse)
8.) Gettysburg, PA (intense experience)
9.) Antietam, Maryland
10.) Private residences--too many to mention
11.) Raleigh, NC (Mordecai House)

His career experience includes sales-rep at the Stanley Works and at Motorola where he developed excellent presentation skills that will be an asset when
sharing with the the public all the evidence captured at Mordecai House.

MICHAEL: Michael has been interested in the paranormal all his life having seen three apparitions, one as a child and two as an adult in his mid thirties.

In 2007 Michael began feverishly trying to make contact with his late father through psychic mediums, and through reading everything paranormal from learning how to increase psychic awareness to making contact via electronic devices, specifically radios. While watching a television show, Paranormal State, the PRS team had invited an investigator - Christopher Moon to test a controversial spirit communication device named a Frankís Box.. Michael contacted the show, and was given Christopher Moonís contact information. He learned the Ghost Box radio was built by a Littleton, Colorado engineer named Frank Sumption.

Upon making contact with Frank, Michael was taught by Frank and others how to use specially designed or altered store bought radios to communicate with the dead. From this experience, Michael went on to write
Speaking to the Dead with Radios which is a step by step process how to record and document a ghost box session for clients. Michaelís investigative specialties are using a Frankís Box #140, built by the late Frank Sumption to communicate with the dead and by capturing images of the dead via water reflection photography also called Water Instrumental Trans-Communication. Michael has investigated various historical cemeteries and sites, in addition he has investigated private residences and businesses.

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